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Proactive Prevention

By setting performance thresholds, Vertical Tech Solutions identifies signs of overburdened services or hardware abnormalities, allowing potential problems to be averted before they become a critical impact to the organization. This will reduce downtime and support costs while improving productivity and customer satisfaction.

Reporting & Trend Analysis

As the problem management process matures, there will be increased opportunity for trend analysis. It’s possible to reduce the number of incidents by 50% or more through preventive action.

Problem Detection and Resolution

In the event of any IT related issues, Vertical Tech Solutions help desk team will resolve 80% of the incidents remotely by utilizing a well-defined problem escalation system and an up to date knowledge database for technical issues.

Desktop Support

Vertical Tech Solutions desktop support also extends as a PC optimization service. Optimization includes full remote inspection and computer tune-up to improve performance and stability. We will improve desktop resource utilization to speed up your PCs, increasing its performance. The complete desktop support service will allow organizations to run their daily operations smoothly without having to deal with common IT related problems.

Vertical Tech Solutions maintains a comprehensive knowledge base of user issues/problems for effective resolution. Our support model is based on industry best practices (ITIL) and focuses more on proactive resolution rather than reactive resolution, allowing for better operational efficiency, improving the chances of first call resolution.

Server Support

Vertical Tech Solutions’ integrated set of processes are combined to provide centralized management, Health Checks, performance tracking, troubleshooting and reporting for your corporate servers.

Our flexible and collaborative process enables us to design, build, integrate, and manage solutions in the most effective way for your business.

Periodic reports will be submitted on patch status, server health and performance. We will perform installations and configuration changes, virus & spyware diagnosis and software updates on the servers.

Network Management

Common network related crashes can adversely affect the organizations daily operations. Our specialists are trained to reinstate a crashed network connection using advanced network troubleshooting methods. We will find the root cause for improper network functioning, troubleshoot and repair your network connection and ensure your networked devices are properly configured.

Additionally, we will manage and monitor network printers, routers, firewalls and switches. This will essentially be a risk transfer for companies when it comes to operational efficiency in their IT environment.

Data Security

Vertical Tech Solutions believes in the concept of ‘Defense in Depth’. This relates to a layered approach to data security where if one protection mechanism fails the remainder will effectively secure and protect a company’s valuable data.

Our agents will audit your systems to ensure they are secure and guarded adequately with the already available resources such as personal firewall, network firewall and virus guards. We will configure a local security policy, run periodic diagnosis checks for virus/spyware threats and maintain an effective patch update system.

Backup & Recovery

As the organizational dependency on IT has grown, so has the need for proper business continuity and disaster recovery requirements. Valuable data however well it’s protected can be lost just by simple human error or power outage. Vertical Tech Solutions has a complete data backup and recovery service where we use a combination of consultancy and application integration to support the customer needs.

  • Initially develop a comprehensive backup plan.
  • Deploy plan using automated tools.
  • We will continuously monitor, audit and manage your critical cooperate data.
  • The backup strategy itself will get updated with the dynamic cooperate requirements.

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